Comic Review: Chewbacca #3

           Chewbacca has been my least favorite series of the Star Wars comics. As Kristian Harloff of Collider Video said, “It’s literally just him helping these people get out of a cave.” That summarizes the series up perfectly. These series gives us no new insight to the Star Wars universe and is just plain boring. This really is a shame as Chewbacca doesn’t get much development or backstory in the Original Trilogy and this comic would have been a perfect chance to help build up the character.

This issue begins with the enslavers walking out, saying how they killed their workforce. The other one replies, telling him that the Empire supports them and they will get back on track. Tyvak, the wolf like alien, worries if the Empire will take away what that already have.

Back inside the cave, Chewbacca  holds the metal beam up, keeping the cave from caving in. The Wookie’s foot is on fire and Zarro puts it out. The girl and his dad put up a pole to stabilize the beam, letting Chewie rest. They start to discuss on how to escape the cave when Zarro’s father realizes the poisonous beetles will return because the power is down. They start to walk away from them, as they don’t want to disturb the deadly creatures, yet they all swarm up and try to attack Chewie and his new friends. They start to run away until the mighty Chewbacca uses his bowcaster to shoot the beam, bounces back causing the cave to fall on the bugs. They meet up with a few other people and Chewie takes a gonk droid off of a worker. They all go and start to put together an escape plan.

With a bunch of growls and gestures, our favorite wookie suggests he will climb up the straight vertical hole, then throw a rope down for them. He manages to climb up, only to find out that a tree is growing there. No issue here, Chewie just pushes the tree roots up, creating a hole. He then throws the rope down and the rest of the slaves climb out. Zarro’s father wants to get as far away as possible from the caves, yet she wants to keep it from Empire occupation. He unwillingly agrees to let her help the Wookie repair his ship, but makes her stay away from the spaceport.

The comic then cuts right to the spaceport. Zarro goes in and meets her friend, Sevox and is surprised to see her with a Wookie. She asks him for gear and some food. They go back into Sevox’s room revealing that she does errands for him. She also tells the “walking carpet”  that Sevox’s body rejects implats and he’s managed to splice into his protocol droid. After Zarro finishes talking about him, Sevox gets angered that she brought her Wookie friend along to his secret hideout. Chewie starts to look around to see if any of his junk laying around will be useful.

Meanwhile, Jaum, the gangster controlling the slaves on this planet is chilling at a club with two aliens on both arms. His guards bring him one of his workers that escaped. He tells him that the Wookie saved them, only to be killed seconds later. The issue ends with him contacting an Imperial fleet, requesting Imperial presence.

The Chewbacca series is the weakest of all the Star Wars titles. If doesn’t further any storylines or characters really. The are literally running away from bugs inside a cave. This comic feels like a childish cartoon. It’s straight up boring and really doesn’t add anything new. I feel like this comic should have been a 5 dollar special as an annual or a side story. Because of the uninteresting story, lack of character development, and the decent art, I give this a 5/10. You don’t need to pick this one up.

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