Comic Review: Kanan #8

    The comic series, Kanan, has been very entertaining and gives us a better understanding of Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars Rebels. This comic is very refreshing as it mostly takes place during the prequel era which is a time that isn’t visited much since Disney bought Lucasfilm. Kanan #8 is very fun and gives us some very nice nods to characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the prequels.

    This issue of Kanan opens on the planet of Kaller with The Ghost crew standing around Kanan in a bacta tank. Sabine asks the medical droid how long Kanan needs to be in there. The droid replies saying a few weeks would be the best but at least until he is conscious. Before the crew can discuss they hear a voice telling them they are surrounded and to surrender. Kanan in the bacta tank begins to flashback to when he was a youngling.

    Caleb Dune a.k.a. Kanan Jarrus stands with Jedi master, Depa Billaba as an explosion goes off throughout the Jedi temple. Depa grabs the youngling and dives down escaping the blast. Meanwhile a masked man lurks in the ventilation shafts dropping bombs through the temple. It then cuts to three terrorists stand around a hologram of the Jedi temple discussing their tactics. They paid a bounty hunter of the name Bane to get the schematics. These criminals believe that the Jedi fight against liberty and justice and must be punished.

    Back at the temple, younglings and masters are confused about the current situation when an explosive fall into the room. A Jedi Knight with two Jedi temple guards spring into action and slice the explosive into two, preventing the explosion. The Jedi, Master Drallig, orders the guards to stay with the younglings as he walks out of the room. Jedi masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu run past Drallig who try to uncover what is happening. Drallig tells him the younglings are safe and he has no clue who the attackers are.

    Meanwhile, Caleb Dune with Depa Billaba are sitting in a room as Depa wishes for them to remain there. She says she isn’t fully healed and doesn’t wish to become a liability. Caleb suggests to go up to the upper floors as they heard and senses the attackers there. He points out most of the Jedi are occupied taking care of the explosions on the lower floor. He ignites his saber, runs out into the hall, and climbs up through the air ducts. He ends up on the roof where he finds an attacker. He points out the obvious, he’s bombing the tower, only to have the terrorist reply sarcastically. The youngling ignites his lightsaber in frustration of being taken as a joke. The attacker tries to convince the boy that he is fighting for the wrong side. He doesn’t wish to kill a kid but will if he has to. He tells Caleb to run. He starts to run towards the attacker instead of away. The terrorist throws explosives at Caleb causing him to fall on the ground.

    As hope seems lost for the youngling, Depa Billaba shows up demanding him to step away from Caleb. The Jedi in training warns Billaba the attacker means to blow up the central spire but hasn’t set the bomb yet. He throws another explosive at Depa only to have her catch it using the force. She prevents the two chemicals from mixing, preventing it to explode. She throws it up in the air and allows it to go off creating a large explosion. She points her saber at the criminal and offers him mercy. He takes off his mask and reveals his name, Rackham Sear of Quarzite and is a Captain of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He refuses her mercy as he pulls out two electric swords and throws them at the Jedi. Caleb dodges one and Depa slices the other. Rackham Sear runs off the building, trying to take his own life when Depa and Caleb grab him with the force. He throws out a bunch of explosives and the Jedi run back, allowing him to fall.

    Caleb Dume and Depa Billaba lay on the rooftop of the Jedi temple as the Jedi Knight asks the youngling to be her padawan. Their moment is interrupted when Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrived asking if it is over.

   3 weeks later and the new padawan stands with his master on a Republic Cruiser are en route to the Planet Kardoa to fight in the Clone Wars. The issue ends with Caleb meeting the clone troopers, Commander Grey and Captain Styles.

    Kanan #8 is very intriguing and exciting. It has a nice self contained story while furthering the overarching storyline. I totally freaked out when they mention a bounty hunter named Bane as of course they are referring to Cad Bane from The Clone Wars. I think exploring Kanan’s history really adds to my enjoyment of Star Wars Rebels especially when he interacts with Captain Rex. This series really shows us why Kanan hates anything having to do with a military. Greg Weisman, who was a producer on season one of Rebels, does a great job telling the backstory of Kanan. I love the cartoonish art style that Pepe Larraz brings to the book and I think it fits very well. Because of the great backstory and artwork this comic gives, I’ll give this issue a 9/10.

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