Legends of the Force: HelloGreedo


This month we’d like to kick off “Legends of the Force”,  a series of articles we plan to base on the real stars of the Star Wars franchise; the fans who make it what it is today.

Our “Legend of the Force” this month is YouTuber: HelloGreedo.

The HelloGreedo YouTube channel was started on May 2, 2007 as a channel for one man to express his passion for Star Wars with Star Wars News and Parody videos. The first video was posted in 2011 and it only went up from there. While most would recognize him now as donning a bucket, originally it was a Greedo mask hence the name “HelloGreedo”. Unfortunately the mask began to fall apart having been in an attic for sometime so after a year of donning the mask he decided to pick up the eFX ANH Stormtrooper bucket for his videos. While that satisfied the furthermore growth of HelloGreedo as a persona for a while, he’d decided he wanted to take it the next step with every fan’s childhood dream; to build a full set of “Screen-Accurate” Stormtrooper armor. And now he wears the proper attire of a Stormtrooper working for the glorious Empire. But “HelloGreedo” isn’t just a person, it’s a symbol that encourages others to chase their dreams and express their passion. HelloGreedo has inspired so many of us to do what we love no matter what it may be.

I recently interviewed HelloGreedo and you can hear the interview on this week’s episode of The Hoth Cast.

Having been acquainted with HelloGreedo for a while now, he was willing to let me put together a short film about him. We’d like to congratulate him on his recent achievement of 100,000 subscribers! And we’d like to thank him for allowing us the chance to get to know what really lays beyond the bucket.

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