Carrie Fisher’s Daughter to Appear in The Force Awakens


We are just a week away from the premiere of The Force Awakens. We have already seen behind the scenes and exclusive photos from Empire and Entertainment Weekly. Now, we get some exclusive looks from People Magazine. One of the cool things that has been hidden well has now come to light in this issue. A special guest will appear alongside her mother, Carrie Fisher.


Billie Lourd will appear in the film, but she will not be playing the daughter of the famous Princess Leia, rather, she’ll be playing be playing a role as a member of the Resistance.

Growing up she was a fan of Star Wars

“I made [my mom] watch it at least once a week – and on special occasions I would make her get in a lightsaber fight with me,” Lourd, 23, says. “Let’s just say the more trained Jedi usually won.”

So we don’t know who she’ll play, but you can look forward to see her sporting the Leia hair buns in the movie.

The new film is to be released on December 18th! Who’s excited?!

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