TFA for Nathan

Nathan Ashley is just like you and me, a lifelong Star Wars fan looking forward to the latest installment of our beloved franchise, The Force Awakens. For the past 2 and a half years, he has suffered through ALS. Being able to watch the next Star Wars film has given him hope while battling his disease. Because of ALS, his abilities are restricted allowing him only able to do a few things. One of which is being able to watch Star Wars which brings him joy despite of his disease. For the past 2 and a half years he’s been hoping to make it to the release of the film and it’s almost here. Unfortunately, he is unable to make it to the cinema to watch The Force Awakens and doesn’t know if he can make it until it is released on home video formats.

In order to grant Nathan his wish, we must get his story heard. Let’s get Disney to give this man the magical experience Disney is famous for. Please share his story in hopes of the right person hearing it. I have attached a video below that you can post on social media to help spread the word. Let’s make this fan’s dream come true. #TFAforNathan

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