Comic Review: Darth Vader Annual #1

Every comic series has annuals which come out, well, annually. These issues tend to be longer and more expensive. Darth Vader’s first annual came out recently and it was a fun read.

     The basic premise is Vader travels to the planet Shu-torun to reinforce their loyalties to the Empire. The King of the planet sends his daughter to lead Vader into a trap. While she is off with the Sith Lord, the murderous droids, Triple Zero and Bee-Tee infiltrate the throne room pretending to be servants.

     The princess leads the villain around to different areas of the planet but Vader wants to get right down to the point and see the king. She leads him into a trap but it’s Darth freaking Vader so of course it doesn’t work. Vader knocks her out and cuts his way into the throne room.

         He walks in only to find the droids have murdered everyone in the throne room. Vader used the force and puts the crown on the princess who has awoken. He tells her that she is in charge of the planet but she must remember what happens to those who disobey the Empire. He hands her a piece of Alderaan as a reminder. Vader and the droids leave the planet knowing they will not oppose the Galactic Empire.

This issue was a fun one shot. It has a complete story and doesn’t tie into any other issues. It was a kinda off throw away story but it was pretty entertaining. The artwork by Leinil Francis Yu fits the issue and it’s nice to see Vader drawn by a new artist. The writing and dialogue written by Kieron Gillen is solid as always. My main issues with this issue is it doesn’t further the current storylines and seems like it is a throwaway. Because of this, I give Darth Vader Annual #1 a 7/10.


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