Merch Review: Poe Dameron X-Wing Lego Set

Lego has been making many wonderful toys, one of my favorites being the black & orange X-Wing set. It is a large set, which takes between 1-2 hours to build. Overall, the set is worth the money, and I only have a few small complaints: It’s slightly fragile, but not to hard to repair, and the price, while worth it, is a little much.

On Amazon, you can purchase it for $80 (depending on the seller), and $80 at Target and Walmart. If you wanted this on the cheap, you could check out Brick Link, but you should be careful who you buy it from.

The set comes with a random X-Wing pilot, Poe Dameron, BB-8, a repair alien, a ladder, a material cart, and of course, the black & orange X-Wing. The X-Wing itself is a little over a foot long, and the ladder reches perfectly up to the cockpit. It has a leg that can extend to “land,” and the wings open and close like before. It comes with 6 different projectiles, and a pre-designed glass piece for the cockpit.

Poe Dameron comes with a standard issue pilot body, but with a black helmet and custom face. The only weapon he comes with is a small pistol, and unfortunately, not that really cool blaster in the beginning of Force Awakens.

All in all, if you like Poe as much as I do, I’d say go for the set. If you just think he’s OK, maybe think about some other options, because while the set is incredible, it’s very centered around Poe.

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