Han Solo Actor Short List Revealed!

Variety recently posted a list regarding the actors that will be playing the new young Han Solo. For most of us, it will be hard to see someone replace Harrison Ford as Han Solo, considering we have already seen him in youth. This Han Solo spinoff is not one that I am too excited about and it will take a lot for me to unlearn Harrison Ford in order to accept whoever they choose to fill his shoes. So, Disney will have to work hard to please fans. So below is the list of actors that have they are considering to take the role, even though the movie is not set to film until January 2017.

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With the movie not even in consideration of filming, they are picking the actor early and many are speculating that we may end up seeing Han Solo appear in Rogue One. They had done something similar casting Tom Holland as Spider-Man to appear in the new Marvel Captain America movie.

NDAs and test deals are still being worked out, but producer Kathleen Kennedy and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller will begin testing the new group with a decision expected in the next couple of weeks.

So will we see Han make a small cameo in the new film? Rogue One is still filming for another month. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our newest forum! The new movie is set to release on May 25th, 2018

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