Rogue One X-Wing Goes Classic

Now that The Force Awakens is out in theatres, our next film we have our eyes on is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Not much has been seen other than the official photo released just over summer.


Well, now we have some new photos that are starting to surface, thanks to TMZ. The photos they have acquired show what looks like the old classic X-Wing that we are familiar with. The movie is said to take place just before A New Hope and follows a group of rebels as they try to acquire the plans to a battle station capable of taking out entire planets. Not much else has been said about Rogue One, but now that the first of many films is in theatres, we’ll be moving on towards the next installment of the series. Rumor also has it that we may be seeing a Jedi in Rogue One. Could it be a grown up Ezra? Or maybe a worn down Kanan? Tell us your thoughts on our newest forum!

Rogue One is due to hit theatres in December 2016, so make sure to come back as we get updates. Subscribe to us on all our social media so you don’t miss any news!

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