Character Identity Theories


A lot of people have been questioning the identities of Rey, and Snoke. There are perhaps thousands of theories, each making a claim and backing it up with evidence. Some, more credible than others… Others, completely ridiculous. So, let’s start with knocking some down.

  • Snoke isn’t Plagueis reincarnated in Anakin’s dead body, Disney has officially stated that Snoke is a new character to the universe.
  • Rey isn’t a Solo
  • Rey isn’t a Skywalker
  • Snoke isn’t Jar Jar Binks

I actually heard a theory about Finn being Yoda’s son, it was on MTV too. I couldn’t stop laughing. Anyways, If Snoke isn’t Plagueis (which a lot of fans trust) then who is he? Well, I can answer that with my own theory that is credible with the new canon and evidence provided by Disney.

I’d like to start by pointing out that, in the old canon, Darth Bane was the only survivor of the Sith war. But, in the new canon, that might have changed. What if Snoke is a survivor, too? We can’t deny it, it’s possible. Snoke could just be… Well, Snoke. He easily could have left the galaxy after the Sith wars, and just remained out until Palpatine did his coup and stole power, making the galaxy a safe place for him again. Snoke returns, in secret, of course, and remains hidden as the Emperor’s ace up his sleeve. Palpatine eventually dies, and someone has to take up power. Why not Snoke? It’s not like Vader can. We can even provide evidence that isn’t sheer guessing, too!

Looking at Kylo Ren’s, Snoke’s apprentice’s, light saber we know it’s unstable and a new design for the screen. But, it’s not even a new design, it’s actually a saber design used during the Sith wars known as a Quillon. The design dates back thousands of years, but it’s not something Kylo could’ve just constructed like other sabers. It had to have been preserved by a Sith who lived at the time, and it could’ve been Snoke’s saber until he returned to the galaxy and obtained a more modern model from Palpatine.

Before the Twilight of the Republic era, Jedi’s were defined by three distinct branches ; the Sentinels, who used a synthetic yellow crystal, the Guardians, who used a natural blue Illum crystal, and the Consulars, who used a natural green Illum crystal. Later, though, the Jedi Order banned the use of synthetic crystals in sabers. They now only use natural colors, and aren’t distinguished by branch but by personal preference. Siths use their seemingly trademark red synthetic crystal, but during the Sith wars, a natural red crystal now forgotten called a Kyber crystal existed, forming in caves naturally. The Kyber crystal also gives the red an unstable, wavering appearance which is clearly seen in Kylo’s saber. Kylo couldn’t have known about Kyber crystals, he couldn’t of built his saber. It had to have been Snoke’s because he lived during Sith war times.

So, that theory, which I developed myself, covers Snoke. But we’re still missing the other half of the post. Rey. The new hero of the story, but with a mysterious background. Before we jump into this theory about Rey, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the original author, Aric Mitchell of Inquisitr. While the foundation of this theory was set by Aric, I’ve added on a few additions myself.

Let’s start with reviewing what we know about Rey. She’s raised on a desert planet named Jakku, and raised through poverty. She’s extremely powerful in the Force, and has no parents. We might very well never even see Rey’s parents in the new trilogy, because we shouldn’t be speculating who they are but who Rey is. Earlier, we’ve knocked down the Han and Luke theories. So, who is Rey? I think we need to look past Luke and Han, and dig deeper to the trilogy we all kind of hate. Yes, the prequels.

Now, let’s start talking about the main character in the prequels, Anakin. Anakin was born on a desert planet called Tatooine, and raised as a slave in poverty. He’s extremely powerful in the Force, and even deemed the Chosen One who will restore order to the Force. He also has no father and is deemed an anomaly in the Force.

Now, since Anakin and Rey have basically the same backgrounds, what if Rey IS Anakin? What if Anakin was the Chosen One after all, but he wouldn’t accomplish his ultimate goal in that life? What if Anakin was reincarnated as Rey to right his wrongs? It’s entirely possible that, when Rey touches Anakin’s saber, the Force isn’t telling her it’s power. She’s having a flashback, a common problem for those with PTSD, and don’t you think Anakin would have PTSD, after murdering children, his best friend, his master, killing many rebels and others? Being completely surrounded by nothing but death since he was nine, raised in poverty, and the only family he ever knew was taken away from him at a nearly age and ultimately he witnessed her death?

You can’t deny it, it’s a perfect fit. It’s clever, witty, and most viewers wouldn’t expect it. It’s entirely possible, and we’re stepping away from the whole Obi-Wan’s granddaughter, Han Solo’s daughter, Luke’s daughter thing. Ultimately, the Star Wars film will always revolve around the Skywalker family. The Solo theory and the Kenobi theory would change that. While I really doubt the Luke one because Luke is a true Jedi, and Jedi can’t have sexual relationships or really any relationships.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to writing again next week. ~Joeba Fett

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