Who is Old Master? Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Spoilers

Alright, so by now we have all seen the season 2 midseason trailer for Star Wars Rebels. So many questions about what is going on that we have to wait to see the story unfold. One the biggest things that I have been wondering, and here at The Hoth Spot, we may have figured out who that mysterious villain is talking to Ezra at the Sith Temple.

At first, I was just hyped wondering who the guy was soaking in all of the awesome stories that we can look forward to unfold in the trailer. Then we watched it again, and one of our writers Nico pointed out, hey, that sounds like Sam Witwer. Now before we jump to conclusions as to who we think the character is, just want to point out it could be someone new, a flashback, or just a mind trick played on in Ezra’s head. Sam Witwer has been known to play other characters which is not uncommon for voice actors but, upon further inspection we have our guess.

If you heighten your brightness on the screen and look at the markings on the face under the hood, it bears a lot of resemblance to the markings on which Darth Maul has. Now before you go and say Darth Maul is dead, well, you most likely have not seen The Clone Wars Animated Series, where they bring him back and it was not as terrible of an idea as it sounds. Darth Maul got more screen time and he only became more of the villain that we all wished we could have seen in the prequels. By the end of the Clone Wars, Darth Maul’s brother was killed by the Emperor but his life was spared to do more work for Old Palps.


But Darth Maul wanting to seek revenge, amassed an army consisting of Mandalorians and Black Sun syndicate and was chased down in the comics Sons of Dathomir. The miniseries ended with Darth Maul still on the loose. So what became of Darth Maul? Did he go into hiding or are there more stories to be told? Well, I think we will see more of his story here as he now calls himself Old Master, trying to teach Ezra the dark side.

Do you agree with our theory? Tell us in the comments below and on our new forum!


One thought on “Who is Old Master? Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Spoilers

  1. Well it’s quite obvious in my opinion. XD. I was able to turn my brightness ludicrously high, and he has the same facial tattoos,

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