Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire Review

Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire is the official Star Wars role-playing game. The game, created by Fantasy Flight Games, features the whole Star Wars universe for your enjoyment, and the Game Master of your group can even make their own planets. There are many races you can play as, and there are unofficial races created by third parties you can play as too.

There are only a few things you need to get started, one of course would be a set of dice. The next is some paper, a pencil, and one of the books. There are three main books with multiple smaller books. The main books include Force And Destiny, Age Of Rebellion, and Edge Of The Empire.


This is your standard dice pack. The level of your skills determine what dice you roll. Yellow is the best, green is alright. Purple and red are bad. The white die, or the Force die, determines what Destiny points you begin the game with and also is a die you roll for Force rolls. Blue die are for assists and minor rolls, while black die are minor negative rolls.

Another thing about the game is that you can explore all of the Star Wars universe. Your GM can even create their own planets, and you can adventure through them with your party. One time, my party and I crashed on a Rogue Planet, and we found an Old Republic Jedi that had gone mad, in the end we killed him and took his lightsaber because our Force User in the group wanted it.

The limits are endless with Edge Of The Empire, you can work for Imperials, Rebels, even do jobs for Hutts. My only problem is that you need a GM, so someone in your group has to be a team-player.

Overall, I’d give the game a 9/10 stars. It’s captivated me whenever I go and play with my group, and I’m sure many other Star Wars fans love it, too. If you don’t have a group, I’d totally recommend going to a comic book store and asking around. I also think that Roll20 has groups available.

Thanks for reading, happy gaming!

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