Anovos First Order Stormtrooper Helmet Review

A while back I finally received my Anovos First Order Stormtrooper Helmet. In fact it couldn’t have arrived at a better time, the day before Force Awakens Premiere. That only added to the excitement of the event. I pre-ordered this the second it released on Force Friday while standing in Target with a basket full of the newly released products. Things may have got a little out of hand… When it first went on pre-order, I only spent $200 on the helmet, but now, Anovos is currently listing this at a new higher price of $249.95.

This was my first larger Anovos item so I wasn’t sure what to expect but after seeing it I am not disappointed. The first impression I got was that I was holding a prop straight from the movie. It is 1:1 Scale and built from the digital files used in the production of The Force Awakens. The helmet is your standard injection molded plastic and definitely feels that way. I know that is correct for the prop but it does leave it feeling a little like a toy. Although it does feel a little stronger than some of the vacuformed helmets. It does come fully finished and there is no option for a kit like their Classic Stormtrooper.

The exterior of the helmet is nice and polished as this iconic piece should be. Looking closely at a side by side view of this and an actual screen used helmet it is hard to see a difference. Anovos did a great job with the accuracy on this one. The helmet certainly has its Pros but with most things it does have its Cons as well. They are not huge and probably only noticed by those who study the props. First the lenses. While I think they offer better visibility than the Original Trilogy TK’s these lenses seem to have a slight distortion. As I mentioned the issue isn’t a big deal but it is noticeable. Another problem I have with it is that the seams are not as clean as I would have expected for the price tag especially around the silver part at the bottom. I do think the Pros outweigh the Cons but the issues are worth mentioning. Especially if you are thinking about picking one of these up.

The interior isn’t much to write about other than that it easily fits the head of an adult. Head sizing and fitment are adjusted by way of a simple hard hat style liner. It gets the job done but leaves you wanting more. In the future I will probably modify it by swapping the liner with fitted padding.


In the end Anovos has done their best to put out a quality product for the mass market in a time of very high demand and at a decent price. I believe they have accomplished their goal and I feel that I can recommend this product to anyone looking to feel like they want to own iconic part of the movie. Now I just need to throw a little red paint on the front and I have myself a FN-2187 Replica.



4 thoughts on “Anovos First Order Stormtrooper Helmet Review

    1. Thank you! You are correct. Currently a full metal exact replica DL-44 and 9 Lightsabers sit on the shelf behind it.

  1. No ultra or saberforge tho I do enjoy their work. It’s a mix of MR, Hasbro Force Fx, TCSS, and complete custom ones done by me. I like to build 👍. Working on 2 right now. Trying out new electronics on these. Used to used Erv’s Plecter Lab boards but stocking issues gave me the chance to try Naigon’s Igniter 2 and Spark Color 2.

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