Spotlight #2 – Order of the Canted Circle [Legends]

The Order of the Canted Circle was a Coruscantian elite socialite group comprised of some of the most influential people in the galaxy. The order was created at approximately 1000 BBY, and since that point only held 2 different headquarter locations. First, the Lodge of the Order of the Canted Circle, a private tower in the Fobosi district of Coruscant was used until around 52 BBY, after which the order was relocated to the Skydome Botanical Gardens. The order was made up of no more than 500 members at any given point, and only twelve in every ten years were allowed admittance into the prestigious ranks.

The name ‘Order of the Canted Circle’ came from a circular stone slab twenty meters in diameter positioned at the centre of the main meeting room, which was tilted at 10 degrees using concealed anti-gravity technology.

Attack_on_PlagueisThe leader was given the title Grand Mage, and monitored all the dealings within the order, the Mage was also in charge of the dark side rituals that were used during ceremonies. Throughout history, the order was synonymous with the Sith order and quickly became a hub of villainous activity and scheming by Sith Masters and their Apprentices during the Rule of Two. Darth Plaguis, under his real name, Hego Damask, sometimes attended ceremonies by the invite, despite not officially joining the order. In one fateful ceremony during 52 BBY, an elite group of Maladian assassins infiltrated the ceremony and decapitated Damask’s host and fellow Muun, Larsh Hill (Father to the Separatist San Hill, Chairman of the InterGalactic Banking Clan) in an attempt to kill Damask. Though Damask was rescued by his Sith Apprentice, Darth Sidious, the order had lost many of its wealthiest members and was forced to relocate headquarters to the Skydome Botanical Gardens.

From that point on Darth Sidious took an interest in the order and even joined it officially, seeing its potential to collate his closest allies in secrecy. Sidious used his power to instate whomever he desired, including Thrawn and Ruufan Tigellinus. Even after his death and the end of the Galactic Empire, the order continued to function, and still held the enemies of the New Republic in their ranks.

The Order of the Canted Circle made its first appearance in 1996’s ‘Star Wars Adventure Journals’ and then had its first mainstream appearance during 2012 in James Luceno’s book, ‘Darth Plagueis’.

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Research Sources: Wookieepedia, ‘Darth Plagueis’ Novel by James Luceno

Image Sources: Wookieepedia

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