Han Solo Spinoff Film To Be An Origin Story

Rogue One comes out in a year and Disney is moving forward with getting ready for the next anthology film Han Solo. Bob Iger gave spoke at the Deutsche Bank 2016 Media, Internet & Telecom Conference on Tuesday and shed some light on the story of the new Han Solo Anthology film. While the details are minimum, one thing has been confirmed, Chewbacca will be joining our favorite smuggler on screen. This is no surprise, what would a Han Solo movie be without having our favorite Wookie joining in on the adventure?

While there have been no details on who will play Han Solo and what the main focus of the movie will be, we have hints that this will most likely be an origin story of when these two scoundrels meet and start on a journey that leads them to become galactic heroes. Which means this may not just be a simple cameo role for our furry friend. We are still a few years away from seeing this film on screen. What are your thoughts? Join in on the discussion on our forum Echo Base!



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