Star Wars Attractions Under Construction at Disneyland Park

Last month we had our glimpse into the new Star Wars themed attractions being constructed during a tribute to Disney Parks that aired on ABC. Harrison Ford presented the first look at what we should expect to see after the park attractions are completed. For those that missed the tribute, here’s the video!

Star Wars is, for lack of a better word… awesome.

“I’m so blessed that I had the opportunity to be a part of it. To walk these iconic locations. And soon, you’ll be able to do that as well. Not in a galaxy far, far away, but in a place close to home.”

While this is no surprise, many have been wondering when we can set foot into these worlds ourselves, but it may be a lot sooner than we expect. Bob Iger has confirmed that these parks and attractions will begin construction in the next month or so. It seems we can already see the land being prepped for construction.

Here are some photos from our source on-site of the location at Disneyland Park:


So what can we expect to see upon the completion of these attractions?

Fans can expect to feel as if they are starring in the movies themselves as cast members will be dressed as aliens, droids, and other famous characters from the movies.

There will also be a Speeder Bike ride which will mimic the experience from Endor in Return of the Jedi.

You’ll also be able to visit the Mos Eisley Cantina and much more!

There is still no completion date revealed but keep checking back as we get more details!


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3 thoughts on “Star Wars Attractions Under Construction at Disneyland Park

  1. Is hyper space mountain going to be one of the attractions? Are they using the normal space mountain as testing for the one thats going to be in Star Wars land?

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