Rogue One Theory And Prediction

Rogue One, the first of the three anthology films and quite possibly the most enticing. Today, many Star Wars fans saw the first glimpse of what Rogue One has in store for us this December, and from the looks of it we’ll be seeing more plot twists.

The first scene I’d like to point out in the trailer is one of the last ; the main character seen at the beginning of the trailer is dressed in an Imperial uniform. While it’s possible the team of ragtag Rebel soldiers could have infiltrated the Death Star or a Star Destroyer, I’m not so convinced. She’s a new recruit to the Rebellion, and here she is in an Imperial uniform. While she obviously has a criminal record with the Empire, it could have easily been forged by the Empire to give her an excuse for wanting to join the Empire.

In the scene, the woman is wearing a black laminate chest piece, something we’d expect the new Shadow Troopers to wear, under it she has on a black suit with the Imperial emblem sewed on the shoulder. One of the most interesting parts of her attire are two black and short poles on her back with red and silver at the end of each. I’d assume they are something similar to the baton used by the famous stormtrooper who confronts Finn in the Force Awakens, but they are eerily different. Another guess of mine is that they are similar to the sword or blade used by the Samurai-esque character in the trailer. But, to be completely honest, other than those two guesses I’m clueless. They could always be light sabers, but light sabers were never so long.

The hangar where the same woman is escorted by armed guards from something like a prison cell in hand cuffs to probably Rebel High Command is also questionable. Why would they treat a recruit like that? That very scene may be from the end of the movie, after her cover is blown and she is captured by Rebel soldiers and brought to a base.

Another possibility I had discussed earlier was her and the rest of her team had infiltrated a Star Destroyer or the Death Star itself similar to how Luke and Han had been disguised as stormtroopers to rescue Leia. If that were the case, they’d be aboard the craft to obtain the Death Star’s plans and may even run into Darth Vader if they are unlucky. Both possibilities I consider plausible, but something entirely different may be at play.

Aside from that particular scene, there are multiple others of interest. The hangar where the woman is being escorted by a soldier could be on Yavin 4, and Poe Dameron as a child may be in the film. I also think the scene where the Samurai-esque man fights off stormtroopers with a sword or bat of sorts is interesting, since I haven’t seen anything like it on any other character.

But, aside from all those, the most interesting scene in the whole movie to me is when the white-cloaked Imperial officer is planetside walking through water to a crashed ship. And the following scene where a cloaked figure is in a room guarded by Royal Guards. If the officer’s ship had crashed, why is he in pristine condition? And who is the cloaked figure?

We will all find out in 8 months, so until then, let’s hope for some breakthroughs with this trailer.

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