Reshoots For Rogue One Nothing To Worry About

Many of us have been on the fence about whether the choices for the Anthology films were a good idea. While we welcome more stories for Star Wars, we don’t want them rushed. This was true with The Force Awakens. While the other two films of the anthology are still trying to win the hearts of fans, Rogue One has brought in a lot of excitement, and with that, a lot of worry. Disney wants to do their best to do right by fans. Star Wars has become more than just movies, it has created a culture with a vast community.

Rogue One is expected to be great and to be better than The Force Awakens. With that kind of pressure, Disney will do what they need to do in order to bring us the quality we want. Rumors are circulating around the internet that Disney is not happy with how Rogue One turned out and that there will be reshoots over the summer. While a lot of people are worried as to why, we here at THS are not that concerned with these reshoots. It is a common practice for blockbuster hits to go through reshoots during post-production phases.

So for those worried about Rogue One being a disappointment because of reshoots, maybe they found just a better way to tell the story that would achieve better quality in the long run. We are still expecting Rogue One to keep its original release date in December. For further discussion be sure to hit our forums where you can talk with our staff and other fans in the Star Wars community!


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