Poe Dameron Comics Review

Poe Dameron, the premier pilot of the new trilogy, has gotten his own set of comics. The comics take place before the events seen in The Force Awakens, and gives us insight as to how Poe arrived on Jakku in the opening scene in the new movie.

The new series of comics, made by Marvel, feature great art and a powerful story as Poe has to get himself – and his team- out of danger. Of course, like every comic, the issue ends on a cliff hanger making you want to buy the next.

Poe’s journey is to find an explorer, who supposedly has the map to Luke Skywalker. Of course, in The Force Awakens, we know that Poe will eventually be led to Jakku and be captured by the First Order. However, we don’t yet know how he got to Jakku. So far in the comic, the first three issues have revolved around a giant egg in a cave system that native peoples believe is a savior of sorts. While that is no spoiler to what the issues have in store for readers, it has spited my curiosity as to what exactly the egg is.

The comics also shed some light on the First Order, and there are some rules of engagement when fighting them. For instance, they must fire at Resistance fighters before any action can be taken.

So far, the comics have had me on the rocks as to what happens to Poe in the next issue. Marvel has done a great job, as usual, making these comics and I always look forward to reading the next. I’d rate these comics a solid eight out of ten, and definitely recommend them to anyone interested. However, if comics aren’t your thing, you may not enjoy it as much as I did. Until next time, readers.

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