ConnectiCon 2016 Gallery & Afterthoughts

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This past weekend, I attended ConnectiCon 2016 in Hartford, CT as press for THS. Needless to say, the turnout this year was fantastic. As always, the con had everything you could want from panels, to games, to a wide variety of cool merch. One of the highlights of my weekend there was speaking with author, Kevin J. Anderson. Kevin is the author of quite a few entries into the ‘Legends’ EU and he had some very compelling stories to tell regarding his experiences of working with Ralph McQuarrie. It’s certainly not everyday that you get to speak with someone who worked directly with McQuarrie himself. Of course I spoke with him about the influence of Ralph’s work on some of the newer entries into the canon. He showed me some of the concepts used for Alderaan that I immediately recognized from Dave Filoni’s Star Wars Rebels. He was even kind enough to write out an autograph to me in a copy of “The Illustrated Star Wars Universe”. And of course, I took a great deal of photographs for you all to view in the gallery above. So I guess one could say it certainly was a success. We’ll have more coverage of ConnectiCon, as well other notable conventions in the near future. Stay tuned!

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