So if you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s the new video released today:


Let me start off by saying, did anyone else get the shivers from seeing the return of the RA-7 droid? After watching this reel, I find myself reminded of why I love Star Wars. This reel goes to great lengths to show the vitality of emphasis on composition in cinematography. Seeing some of the shots present in the video remind me of how I felt about the cinematography of The Empire Strikes Back. Irvin Kershner and the crew of ESB brought us an optimal perspective of the story while successfully immersing us into this universe that we all have come to love. And seeing the importance placed upon practicality shows us that there are still times when having real sets/props/set pieces can make all the difference.

We’ll have more coverage of Rogue One and SWCE coming soon! Stay Tuned!

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