Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Trailer Reveals Grand Admiral Thrawn

Star Wars Celebration Europe is booming with news about Rogue One and setting up for the next year of Star Wars. One panel in particular has fans buzzing as Dave Filoni shows us a sneak peak of Season 3 with a trailer. Ezra older with a new haircut and lightsaber. Kanan sporting a beard and a blast shield helmet. But the one thing that has fans roaring is the discovery that one of their beloved Legends character has made it out of the darkness and has officially become canon as he will appear in season 3 or Rebels!

Lots of other cool things to see in season 3 shows Kanan delving deeper into the secrets of the force and Ezra’s connection to Darth Maul and the holocron. We won’t spoil too much about the trailer but if you have not seen it check it out below!

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