Article Series Introduction: Inspired

If I asked you, who created Star Wars? What would be your reply? Most likely you would say, “George Lucas of course”, and you would be absolutely right! However, just as Darth Sidious divided control of his empire to numerous Imperial officials, tasked with maintaining his durasteel hold on the galaxy, so too did George Lucas. Over time, he built his own dedicated teams of gifted individuals to take part in the development and upkeep of his own empire.

The primary purpose of this new written series is to highlight the contributions of those who are perhaps the unsung heroes of the Star Wars franchise we all know and love. So, what can you expect to see from these new articles on The Hoth Spot? Well, we shall be discussing how these talented people came to find themselves in their respective roles, what external influences inspired them and moved them to achieve what they did, how their actions sculpted Star Wars and what legacies they left behind for the future. Where possible, we will strive include quotes from these individuals and those who worked with them, alongside using images that bring to life their work.


Image Source: Edited.

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