Jedi/Sith Fighting Styles!

Image taken from Star Wars Wiki


Now I’m sure many of you will have noticed how each Jedi seems to have their own fighting style. But if you didn’t, don’t worry, the following article shall teach you what they’re all about. Each of these fighting styles fall under categories called “Forms”, with each Form being specific and different from the others. These forms range from “Form I, to Form VII”. They developed over time to allow each Jedi or Sith reach their full potential, whilst still being comfortable during battle. They allow a Jedi or Sith to decide their own fighting style in hopes to optimise their ability.

As mentioned before, each Form is unique, so lets go through them starting with “Form I”, otherwise known as “Shii – Cho”. This is the most basic out of all the fighting styles. The easiest to learn, and the quickest to teach, which is why it is taught to the younglings. However don’t be mistaken, it is a very profitable technique when conquered. The Form is all around decent, with no major advantages or disadvantages. Some notable users of this technique include General Grevious and his Body Guards. Luke Skywalker was also known to use this form originally, until he developed and furthered in his teachings.
Secondly is “Form II”. Form II (also known as “Makashi”) was designed for the use of saber to saber contact, allowing a user of this Form to have dominion over others without it, although it is hindered against blasters and other weapons. However it was still an incredible Form. Asajj Ventress used this technique to her strengths, as throughout the Clone Wars we regularly saw her fighting against two or more Jedi and still managing to escape regularly unscathed from battle. This Form along with her natural gifts made her a worthy, and deadly foe.
“Form III” or “Soresu” used by Obi Wan Kenobi was a defensive form, developed around the time of the Clone Wars when the enhancement of blasters prospered. This form, once perfected, allowed for Jedi to be thoroughly protected against blasters, as the form involved using a lot of deflective techniques to counter the enemy. This resulted in it being very difficult to defeat a Jedi by a blaster. Hence why some of the greatest Jedi used this form.
Next comes “Form IV” otherwise known as “Ataru”. It was a very acrobatic Form which was best suited for deflecting projectiles. However one disadvantage was that the it was best suited to open spaces, and once the fight became personal and close quartered, the Form was easily out matched. Anakin Skywalker adapted this form to better his skills and allow for a better chance in those close quarter situations. To which he succeeded. Resulting for an outstanding fighting technique.
The fifth form, “Form V”, more commonly known as “Shien” or “Djim So” was known to be preferred by Anakin’s Clone Wars padawan, Ahsoka Tano. Form V was designed in order for the user to deflect a blaster bolt back towards an opponent. Turning a defence into an offence. The “Djim So” variant of “Form V” is also based on defending with blocks and parries, then immediately countering with a very strong, overwhelming, counterattack.
Niman, or “Form VI” was a very powerful technique, taught around the use of double-bladed lightsabers and other force abilities like pushes and lifts. Creating a very powerful offence style. The Form, mostly used via the Sith, focuses on extreme power and dominance when in battle. It is commonly believed that Darth Maul used this technique. However, that would be wrong, he didn’t learn this Form but another entirely. Practitioners include the likes of Exar Kun. Although Form VI was powerful, nothing compares to “From VII”.
“Form VII’ was considered the most powerful and aggressive fighting style, which focused on shear strength. Also known as “Joyu” or “Jaapad” it would seem like a technique that the Sith would indulge in, a few Jedi also learnt this, Mace Windu was known to be a notable practitioner of this Form, however he used it in line with the Jedi Code. Mace Windu’s ude of this complex form might help explain how he was able to defeat Darth Sidious during Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, even though Lord Sidious used the Form himself. He would even go as far as to say that Form VII was the “Sith Style”
So does that mean that Mace Windu was just simply stronger than Lord Sidious? What do you think? And given the opportunity, which Form would you pick to use as a Jedi or Sith? Personally I am torn between the final three, Form V, VI and VII. Let us know what you would pick in the comments down below!

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