Force For Change Project By Joelle

Hey guys! We want to wish all of our subscribers and followers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! With the season being about giving, we want to extend an invitation to a project by one of our friends and hope that you guys can help us make a difference and spread the word!

Force for Change Spotlight girl Joelle who was featured on Lucasfilm’s charity website earlier in the year, is releasing a charity record today. Joelle has set a target to raise $10,000 for the Force for Change charity and with very good reason. The project costs less than a dollar to support her fundraising and awareness campaign, by pre-ordering an original track she has released, available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. All proceeds from record sales and downloads from iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon are going directly to Force for Change, to help improve health and education for underprivileged children.
Joelle is wearing her Stormtrooper belt throughout the entire music video accompanying the charity record, which she wears daily to raise awareness for Force for Change.
Be sure to turn on post notifications on @Joelle Instagram page via the 3 dots on her profile to be the first to see the music video when it is released.

Pre-order Joelle’s Force for Change track here:

See the article about Joelle on Force for Change’s website here:
Joelle can also be seen interviewing Dave Filoni at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year here:
Please show your support for Joelle and Force for Change by sharing the pre-order link and by spreading the word across the galaxy about this project, with all your family and friends. Together we can all be a Force for Change!

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