Star Wars Rebels Mid Season 3 Trailer!

For those of you that have been keeping up with Rebels, then you know that Disney has been building up the fate of Darth Maul ever since his introduction. While many believed he was going to see his end at the hands of Ahsoka, I think we can all agree that the one person that deserves to slay this old Sith legend is Obi Wan himself. Watching the show in season 3, Darth Maul discovers the location of Obi Wan through Ezra’s search for the ultimate destroyer of the Sith. He sees twin suns and a guardian of a young boy, but Darth Maul knows who this old foe is and runs off to face him. There are tons of other awesome things that will lead up to the season finale, a secret weapon the empire is hiding, Saw Guererra’s story with the Rebels, Sabine’s history melding into a new alliance with Mandalore, maybe, and Thrawn’s tactics leading to an all out attack on the rebel base. Also, getting to see Mon Mothma and Death Troopers on the show. To catch everything, watch the video below!

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