The Clone Wars Returns!!!!


San Diego Comic Con has just begun and it’s already got fans buzzing across social media. Fans have been criticizing Disney for a lot of their choices and stories that they have released. One of the biggest disappointments fans had when Disney took over was the end of The Clone Wars but it brought on new adventures with Star Wars: Rebels covering an untouched era in the Star Wars timeline.

When Clone Wars ended, fans asked Disney to keep it going. If you have been to Star Wars Celebration and been able to attend Dave Filoni’s animation workshop, you would know he had tons of content that would last a few more seasons with some unfinished clips.


Now, Disney has listened to the fans and is bringing Clone Wars back! The new season will have just 12 episodes to give it a proper finish! We are likely to get the Bad Batch Episodes, The Siege of Mandalore and maybe an episode leading up to Revenge of the Sith, much like the old Clone Wars did.

With the Siege of Mandalore, it is likely with the introduction of Ahsoka at the end of the trailer with Bo Katan, we will see Master and Apprentice reunite. As we learn in the book Ahsoka, they reunite on Mandalore after Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order.

It will be added to Disney’s direct to user streaming service. As of right now, we don’t have an official release date but follow us on our IG @TheHothSpot and we’ll keep you updated!

Here’s the clip they showed at SDCC! Are you excited?


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