Captain Phasma Comic Review

If you’re a Star Wars fan and want to get to know all the characters and their adventures outside the movies, then I highly recommend moving into the comics and books area of canon. They take you behind the scenes and delve into the minds of the characters that we see on screen, as well as visit new planets that the movies don’t give you enough time to see.

I have had the chance to read a few of the comics and I am continuing to update my knowledge of the new canon and I will be doing more reviews here and on Youtube discussing the series.

This one takes place during the Battle at the Starkiller Base right after she is tossed in the trash shoot. If you know anything about Phasma, she is a survivalist and does what she must in order to keep herself alive. We find her starting off escaping the trash compactor and immediately checking the records to see who was the last one who logged in after her.

We know that she was the one who lowered the shields, and she does not want that information getting out. She finds that Lieutenant Sol Rivas leaving the facility and ties to him logging in. While the planet is falling apart she follows him out as he escapes, so she entrusts her life to the help of a Tie Fighter Pilot which takes them to the planet Luprora.


Luprora is a very stormy planet that is inhabited by a species that landed there. They destroyed their tech in order to preserve their way of life and from being destroyed like their original planet. Phasma uses them to fight against a water species that captured her target so she could tie up her loose ends and frame him for her weakness in the First Order.

I really enjoyed this comic because we really don’t get to see too much of Phasma. However, the build up of her character in the movies ruins her development for me and as well as the timeline. She was built to be such an important strong character and it’s sad that the comics are the closest we get to see of the true Phasma and her strength. Even at the end of the comic we get to see how ruthless she can be to her comrades in order to preserve her life.

The comic was a good read and enjoyable to learn more about the races and species around the galaxy, only disappointment is that The Last Jedi takes place immediately after the events of The Force Awakens. I just have a hard time trying to figure out how she had time to travel across the galaxy, spend a couple days to frame Sol Rivas, and make it back in time for the events of The Last Jedi.

I will be doing some more reviews of the comics as they release as well as some of the previous comics. Be sure to follow our YouTube Page and our page on Instagram!


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