Star Wars: Tie Fighter Making A Comeback?

Many of us longtime gamers remember this classic series played on the old computer systems. Many of us have been looking forward to the game to return. While many fans are anxiously awaiting for the next Battlefront game to come out in 2015 there has been a tease about the X-Wing/Tie Fighters making a return. Over at Electronic Arts there are three games that are in the works, not due to come out anytime soon but one of them is a space action shooter. They won’t be released anytime soon, and they are in an embryonic stage at this time, … Continue reading Star Wars: Tie Fighter Making A Comeback?

Star Wars: Battlefront to Include Third Person View

The first trailer for Battlefront hit the internet and gamers everywhere were happy to see that there was going to be another chapter of this game. For those of us that have played the Battlefront games, we’ve come to love the third-person style of the series and the style has been based off of DICE’s game Battlefield. So now that DICE has taken on the new Battlefront game, many have been wondering if it is going to be solely first-person based. During EA’s FY14 Q1 earnings call this week, Frank Gibeau confirmed that Battlefront 3 “has a third-person component to … Continue reading Star Wars: Battlefront to Include Third Person View

The Shoe Project: A Star Wars Themed Charity!

The Shoe Project is a Star Wars themed charity and they make some pretty sick shoes. The shoes are made from Vans and select artists personalize them to their vision and they are amazing. They are now getting ready to start the charity back up, which comes up this Friday night and they will be auctioned on Ebay, once they are up I will post the links here, so keep checking back. Here are a few images of what they have done in the past, there are 10 different ones so check out their facebook page. Link to their auction. Please support!!! … Continue reading The Shoe Project: A Star Wars Themed Charity!

Star Wars Fan Film

Interested in seeing a really well done Star Wars fan film?  otaking77077 made this and it’s still not finished, it was actually leaked a bit early but if you have not seen it, you’ll definitely want to check it out. If you have seen it, it’s always worth watching again. It’s what I think the space battles should have looked like, although Return of the Jedi was still pretty epic. The music is from the first Knights of the Old Republic, so anyone that has played the game will recognize the music and some of the sfx. The music works really well … Continue reading Star Wars Fan Film

Joss Whedon and Star Wars

So having seen many of his works in the past, I have to say I am a huge fan of Joss Whedon, especially after his success with The Avengers. It would be awesome to see him take on one of the great Star Wars films that will be coming out. He will be doing the new show that will revolve around S.H.I.E.L.D. But what are his thoughts about directing Star Wars? And what about Star Wars? Have you felt a pang of disappointment about not directing that? “There was a moment of rue that I was already committed, I’m not … Continue reading Joss Whedon and Star Wars