Episode VII Is to Remain On Schedule For Summer 2015

So a lot of drama has been running around the Episode VII project with Michael Arndt leaving the project. Many delays have been made in the project and one of the rumors is that Episode VII is going to be setback til December 2015, which from the Disney plans we covered, the movie is due for release is Summer 2015. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Kathleen Kennedy wanted to push the Episode VII til 2016 but Disney CEO is still pushing for the 2015 release. According to those close to the project, producer Kathleen Kennedy and most of the film’s creative team … Continue reading Episode VII Is to Remain On Schedule For Summer 2015

Star Wars Rebels Voice Cast Revealed

As rumors have been flying around news is bound to make an appearance. Many are expecting to hear about Episode VII but to be honest, knowing the history of Lucasfilm, the prequels and special editions were kept pretty tight until Episode III was due out. But to appease the fans, there is some talk from JediNew UK. During the summer there was a lot of tension within certain ranks at Lucasfilm, especially regarding the pressure over no news announcements and the exceptionally high levels of fan expectation. The mood is very different now. My impression is that there is clarity … Continue reading Star Wars Rebels Voice Cast Revealed

Star Wars Cast To Be Unveiled At D23 Expo.

Recent events has caused much speculation in the Star Wars Fan Universe about who they are going to be casting for the next Star Wars trilogy. There have been many questions posed to actors if the opportunity presented itself, would they accept a role in the movies and it was always a hasty yes. So who has JJ Abrams decided to add to the cast? What will be revealed about the new trilogy? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the wait may be ending at Disney’s D23 Expo. Insiders say some Star Wars actors may be making appearances during the D23 Expo, confirming … Continue reading Star Wars Cast To Be Unveiled At D23 Expo.