Lego Star Wars Comes to iOS

Star Wars is making a stand on the iOS devices with the release of Angry Birds Star Wars, Tiny Death Star and Knights of the Old Republic. Now, they’re making another attempt with Lego Star Wars. With no new games coming from Lucasarts anytime soon, they’ve found a way to keep fans busy. Today is the first day that the complete saga has been released on the iOS devices and it’s the full version that you would get for the consoles. The game is free to download and it comes with Episode I while the other episodes are purchased in … Continue reading Lego Star Wars Comes to iOS

Rumor: The Final Clone Wars Episode Exclusive Only to Apple

After the cancellation of Star Wars The Clone Wars fans were outraged. There were many cliffhangers that were left unresolved. Following Disney’s acquiring of the franchise there had been many reveals that there were more episodes, possibly to be added to the DVD/Bluray release of the fifth season. But now we’re not so sure as Disney might have other plans for the final episodes. According to Jedinews this new content is going to be exclusively given to Apple and released on through the Apple TV device for a limted time. “A Disney branded app for Star Wars will launch on Apple TV devices, … Continue reading Rumor: The Final Clone Wars Episode Exclusive Only to Apple