An In-Depth Analysis Of Today’s Poster And Teasers

Today has been a day full of wonderful reveals! First, we got to see the final theatrical poster for The Force Awakens and then some mini teasers to promote the trailer that we will see tomorrow during Monday Night Football … Continue reading An In-Depth Analysis Of Today’s Poster And Teasers

Battlefront Trailer is Here!!!

Alright, the long anticipated trailer for Star Wars Battlefront is finally here!!! And let’s just say this, just like the Episode VII trailer, it does not disappoint. Part of the awesomeness of this game is that when you preorder it, on December 8th everyone who gets the game will be able to get a free DLC, The Battle for Jakku! So if any of you are PS4 owners, be sure to comment your PSN ID and email at so I can add you. So, for those that have not seen the trailer or those that just want to watch … Continue reading Battlefront Trailer is Here!!!