Star Wars Thumb Wrestling

Thumb wrestling has been getting out of hand recently with this new take on lightsaber battling. There is always something new to bring Star Wars fans together and I think this one is pretty clever. It’s called Star Wars Thumb Wrestling. Now, the question is, how can you make Star Wars into thumb wrestling? Well, one of the cool things that this book allows for fans is different areas from the films to fight in. The book comes with 2 holes for where you place your thumbs and join in an epic battle. The other thing that’s cool is it’s … Continue reading Star Wars Thumb Wrestling

Course of the Force Episode II

There’s a new smuggler in town, might have heard of him, he goes by the name of Han Solo. Well, a new Han Solo, or two of them. Well, in this Course of the Force video we see Kyle Kinane head to a bar in search of the lightsaber, and we meet a couple of unlikely characters in this strange bar. Do they have the answers that are needed? Probably not, but watch the video anyway, you won’t be disappointed. Beginning the search for the stolen lightsaber, Kyle Kinane heads to the most obvious of locations – a wretched hive … Continue reading Course of the Force Episode II

Chewbacca Gets His Lightsaber Confiscated

So the Imperials have recognized the rebel hero Peter Mayhew ┬áin his disguise. On his way home from a Sci Fi Convention he was stopped by Airport Security. Headed through the airport he was stopped by security and they seized his cane, which is a likeness of a lightsaber, thinking it to be a dangerous weapon. Now, if this were really Star Wars, then yah, they’d be correct but it was just a cane that helped this wookie walk, so you can imagine the frustration of Peter Mayhew as he waited for them to return his cane. He reported on … Continue reading Chewbacca Gets His Lightsaber Confiscated

Star Wars: Course of the Force 2013 – Episode 1

It is a time of peace in California thanks to the inaugural Course of the Force, a charity lightsaber relay down the coast to San Diego to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. But the Make-A-Wish Foundation is still in need and the Course of the Force High Council has been summoned a second time. Starting at Skywalker Ranch runners will carry the lightsaber down to the 2013 Comic-Con International in San Diego. On the eve of the relay race, Nerdist member Matt Mira has journeyed to Industrial Light and Magic to retrieve the Course of the Force lightsaber… In the link … Continue reading Star Wars: Course of the Force 2013 – Episode 1