Pixar to Get It’s Own Star Wars Film

So with Episode VII coming out in 2015 and the new Rebels animated series due to hit Disney XD in Fall 2014, we know that those are not the only plans that Disney has for the franchise. We’ll be having a few spin offs to come out between the film. Now, the latest rumor comes from the rumor factory Latino Review. According to them, Pixar will be getting a slice of the action although nothing has been confirmed. At this point, no idea what the size or shape of this film will be and given the long-view storytelling production model … Continue reading Pixar to Get It’s Own Star Wars Film

JJ Abrams Confirms Episode 7 Script Is Done

Recently covered a rumor about that the Breaking Bad star Jesse Plemons was flying out to Los Angeles to meet with JJ Abrams about a role in the next Star Wars movies. According to The Wrap, they say that JJ Abrams has confirmed meeting with him and that the script is done. “He is one of the actors that we’ve talked to, yeah,” Abrams said. “But, you know. It’s not often that I read about actors that I’m going to be meeting … that I get to read articles about actors who are going to come in. And so I … Continue reading JJ Abrams Confirms Episode 7 Script Is Done

RUMOR: Yoda to Return in Star Wars: Episode 7?

In Return of the Jedi we saw the little green Jedi Master Yoda fade and become one with the force to join Obi Wan as a force ghost. Many want to meet their nostalgic quota with a returning cast to the So the latest rumor that is hitting the holonet is the return of the Jedi Master Yoda, but in the form of a force ghost. According to Cosmic Book News, a source had given them a leak; ‘Our DC Entertainment Source has sent in a couple of tidbits of information with mention that Star Wars: Episode VII will feature … Continue reading RUMOR: Yoda to Return in Star Wars: Episode 7?

Open Casting Begins In the UK For Episode VII

BBC has announced that an open casting call is starting this week for Episode VII. The role is intended for a 17 year female, which has been rumored from the beginning to be for the lead role in the new film. So no official naming has been set to the cast, which could be the reason why so many rumors are going around about who’s playing in the movies. Bleeding Cool spoke to Nina Gold and came up with this. Disney really did want to keep any association with Star Wars out of this one but I’ve got it locked in that, … Continue reading Open Casting Begins In the UK For Episode VII

Lucasfilm Building Towards An Announcement?

Last week we posted about the suspicious activity that has been on the official Star Wars Youtube. For the last couple of weeks they have been posting the trailers of the original trilogy and many are suspecting they are leading towards a possible Episode VII teaser or some type of news on October 30th. What’s significant about Oct 30th? It’s the one year anniversary of when Disney purchased Lucasfilm. As predicted, today they posted the Revenge of the Jedi trailer, which is the original Return of the Jedi trailer which shows Luke still sporting a blue lightsaber on Tatooine. Tell … Continue reading Lucasfilm Building Towards An Announcement?