NimbleBit Making A Mobile Star Wars Game

Anyone who owns a smartphone is familiar with one of the popular app games called Tiny Tower. The same people that brought you that addicting game are planning on making a brand new style to appeal to Star Wars fans. So what is it that we’re going to see in this Star Wars 8-bit style game? In the game titled ‘Death Star’ you’ll be helping Lord Vader and Emperor Palpatine construct the Death Star. Disney Interactive announced Friday that the new game, featuring the same 8-bit animation style that helped make “Tiny Tower” popular, will have players join Darth Vader … Continue reading NimbleBit Making A Mobile Star Wars Game

Ian McDiarmid Addresses the Return of Palpatine

Ever since D23 people have been desperate for rumors about the next Star Wars movie, and well, Darth Abrams has not revealed anything about what’s going to happen in the next film. So with that, fans are scrambling for any news, even to the point of making them up. There has one that has been floating around about Ian McDiarmid reprising his role as the dark lord of the sith and he hasn’t heard anything about it. McDiarmid said, “Well, there’s so many rumors. I like you, know nothing, because there are no facts yet. We know that John Williams … Continue reading Ian McDiarmid Addresses the Return of Palpatine

Star Wars Angry Birds II

Recently it was revealed that Rovio was going to be making a console version of the popular Star Wars Angry Birds game and now on September 19th they’ll be releasing the Star Wars Angry Birds 2 for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The next epic installment will have tons of new features such as wielding Darth Maul and his double bladed lightsaber, play as Darth Vader and other villains from the Star Wars universe. Check out the teaser and hear a special guest actor Ian McDiarmid as he voices Emperor Pig. Also be sure to like us on Facebook and … Continue reading Star Wars Angry Birds II

Rumor UPDATE: Ian McDiarmid to Return In Episode VII.

With the lack of news at D23 it is only to be expected that rumors will be popping up and since Ian McDiarmid’s recent birthday, it can only be a tribute rumor. The rumor is that Ian McDiarmid is going to return in Episode VII, even though the role is not really explained but we can only expect him to come back as the Dark Lord of the Sith, Emperor Palpatine. Since the Emperor died at the end of Return of the Jedi, the idea is that he’ll come back as a clone, which was an idea in the Dark … Continue reading Rumor UPDATE: Ian McDiarmid to Return In Episode VII.