First Look At Star Wars: Rebels Action Figures

With Star Wars Rebels a year away from hitting Disney XD they’re making the jump on getting the next series in collectible action figures. We’ve seen concept art released for the show and now they’re getting ready for the next generation of Star Wars. Here’s the first look at the Imperial Inquisitor, the villain of the Star Wars: Rebels animated series. Keep checking back as we get more updates! Be sure to find us on our social media to get latest updates and art from Star Wars fans! Facebook Twitter Instagram: Search The Hoth Spot Continue reading First Look At Star Wars: Rebels Action Figures

Star Wars Zombie Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a little over a month away and new child costumes are flooding the stores. This year, the Death Trooper has been added to the list along with a Darth Vader zombie costume. You can pick them up here are HalloweenCostumes. They even have a story to go with the costumes. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Episode XX REVENGE OF THE STIFFS Many years have passed and the Galactic Empire has diminished, but the force remains strong as the remaining occupants of the galaxy are holding what remains together.  However, the strength of the … Continue reading Star Wars Zombie Halloween Costumes

Star Wars Thumb Wrestling

Thumb wrestling has been getting out of hand recently with this new take on lightsaber battling. There is always something new to bring Star Wars fans together and I think this one is pretty clever. It’s called Star Wars Thumb Wrestling. Now, the question is, how can you make Star Wars into thumb wrestling? Well, one of the cool things that this book allows for fans is different areas from the films to fight in. The book comes with 2 holes for where you place your thumbs and join in an epic battle. The other thing that’s cool is it’s … Continue reading Star Wars Thumb Wrestling

Some Great Fan Art by Adam Midd

Here are a few great Star Wars: episode VII Fan Art pieces by Adam Midd.  He tells about the above image called “All is not Lost”:  “Had this idea a few nights ago of a diver coming across the remains of the Millennium Falcon deep underwater. After finishing the painting, decided to all the Star Wars titles and the slogan “All is not lost” and sort of turn the painting into a marketing piece that could go on a billboard. Had a lot of fun with this!” Adam describes his piece below titled “History Rediscovered”: “Another one following the theme of … Continue reading Some Great Fan Art by Adam Midd