NimbleBit Making A Mobile Star Wars Game

Anyone who owns a smartphone is familiar with one of the popular app games called Tiny Tower. The same people that brought you that addicting game are planning on making a brand new style to appeal to Star Wars fans. So what is it that we’re going to see in this Star Wars 8-bit style game? In the game titled ‘Death Star’ you’ll be helping Lord Vader and Emperor Palpatine construct the Death Star. Disney Interactive announced Friday that the new game, featuring the same 8-bit animation style that helped make “Tiny Tower” popular, will have players join Darth Vader … Continue reading NimbleBit Making A Mobile Star Wars Game

‘Star Wars’ Fan-Made Short Film Airs on TV

A few months back Lucasfilm and Pringles asked fans to create a short film based on ‘Star Wars’, using Pringles as the center of the film. Recently Yahoo News posted this hilarious video created purely by ‘Star Wars’ fans that was chosen to be used as the Pringles commercial. “We looked for creativity that was rooted in a deep appreciation of the ‘Star Wars’ movies and the characters—references and details that could only come from a fan, and that could best be appreciated by other fans,” Lucasfilm’s Global Integrated Promotions Manager Kelli Martin said to Yahoo News. It is funny to … Continue reading ‘Star Wars’ Fan-Made Short Film Airs on TV

Dominic Monaghan Up For Star Wars?

So from Lost to The Lord of the Rings and now to Star Wars? Dominic Monaghan, best known for his role and Merry in the popular Middle Earth movies is leading us to believe that he may have a chance to be in the new Star Wars movies. Given his connections to working with JJ Abrams in the past, it’s not a surprise to hear that he may have taken his interest of Star Wars to the producer himself. Recently, at a red carpet event, he was asked if he was in the new Star Wars, here’s his response. So … Continue reading Dominic Monaghan Up For Star Wars?

Star Wars Producers Blacklists Twilight Cast.

There have been a lot of rumors about who they will be casting for the new movies, including the original cast which is assumed to reprise their roles. Many actors have been talking about wanting to be apart of the new movies. Although we don’t know who will be joining the team, we know who won’t be appearing in the new trilogy as Kristen Stuart and Robert Pattinson have been blacklisted in the Star Wars franchise. After seeing the new cast breakdown and what JJ is looking for, it is no doubt that these two were interested in trying to … Continue reading Star Wars Producers Blacklists Twilight Cast.

The Shoe Project: A Star Wars Themed Charity!

The Shoe Project is a Star Wars themed charity and they make some pretty sick shoes. The shoes are made from Vans and select artists personalize them to their vision and they are amazing. They are now getting ready to start the charity back up, which comes up this Friday night and they will be auctioned on Ebay, once they are up I will post the links here, so keep checking back. Here are a few images of what they have done in the past, there are 10 different ones so check out their facebook page. Link to their auction. Please support!!! … Continue reading The Shoe Project: A Star Wars Themed Charity!