Possible Star Wars Episode VII Rumor Leak!

We have gotten our hands on what may possibly be a Star Wars: Episode VII script Leak! As we all know we have heard that J.J. Abrams will not be using ideas from the expanded universe; however, the boys over at Schmoes Know claim that this comes straight from Abrams himself. The guys over at Schmoe’s Knows, says to take this bit of rumor with a “grain of salt” considering rumors that they will be coming up with an original story arc and not be taking anything from the Expanded Universe, although, that would be freaking awesome. The leak reports … Continue reading Possible Star Wars Episode VII Rumor Leak!

Star Wars: Battlefront

Battlefront 3 disappointed a lot of gamers when they heard that it was cancelled, and even more fans were crushed as they heard that Lucasarts was shut down and all current projects were being kicked aside. EA Games has heard the cries of gamers, and they know the right action is to go with what fans want. Even though the game was 99% complete when it was discarded, there’s no reason for it to stay in it’s carbonite casing. With E3 Conference coming up it’s no doubt that EA Games is going to announce it’s projects and as many fans … Continue reading Star Wars: Battlefront