EA Has Star Wars License for 10 Years

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, all hope for Battlefront was lost until they teamed up with EA, who surprised us with their announcement of continuing this popular series. Now, we have learned that they have license over the video games for a period of 10 years. With this, they have also announced that they will not being doing any movie games. “We had a long relationship obviously with Lucas on the original Star Wars, and when Disney took over Lucas they really wanted to maintain a video game business around Star Wars. They felt it was very valuable and a lot … Continue reading EA Has Star Wars License for 10 Years

Star Wars Battlefront III

Been waiting for Star Wars Battlefront III? EA may be up for the challenge. As we know, when the game was in development it was said to be 99% complete. CFO Blake Jorgensen hinted “The opportunity to do a new Battlefront, for example, which is one of the very popular Star Wars games, or some of the other traditional games that were made, is very exciting.” He further goes on to explain about the future of the Star Wars gaming, which is said not to be based off any of the future movies but to be their own thing, similar … Continue reading Star Wars Battlefront III