Battlefront Trailer is Here!!!

Alright, the long anticipated trailer for Star Wars Battlefront is finally here!!! And let’s just say this, just like the Episode VII trailer, it does not disappoint. Part of the awesomeness of this game is that when you preorder it, on December 8th everyone who gets the game will be able to get a free DLC, The Battle for Jakku! So if any of you are PS4 owners, be sure to comment your PSN ID and email at so I can add you. So, for those that have not seen the trailer or those that just want to watch … Continue reading Battlefront Trailer is Here!!!

Leaked Info On The Battlefront Reveal!

We have received info regarding the Battlefront reveal. Some new cinematic scenes involving Endor will be a part of the trailer tomorrow at SWCA which will include a shot of the Endor map and an intense sequence involving an AT-AT. The direction of the trailer seems to focus more on the Original Trilogy. Keep checking back as we get more updates! Be sure to find us on our social media to get latest updates and art from Star Wars fans! Facebook Twitter Instagram: TheHothSpot Continue reading Leaked Info On The Battlefront Reveal!

Star Wars: Battlefront to Include Third Person View

The first trailer for Battlefront hit the internet and gamers everywhere were happy to see that there was going to be another chapter of this game. For those of us that have played the Battlefront games, we’ve come to love the third-person style of the series and the style has been based off of DICE’s game Battlefield. So now that DICE has taken on the new Battlefront game, many have been wondering if it is going to be solely first-person based. During EA’s FY14 Q1 earnings call this week, Frank Gibeau confirmed that Battlefront 3 “has a third-person component to … Continue reading Star Wars: Battlefront to Include Third Person View

Star Wars: Battlefront

Battlefront 3 disappointed a lot of gamers when they heard that it was cancelled, and even more fans were crushed as they heard that Lucasarts was shut down and all current projects were being kicked aside. EA Games has heard the cries of gamers, and they know the right action is to go with what fans want. Even though the game was 99% complete when it was discarded, there’s no reason for it to stay in it’s carbonite casing. With E3 Conference coming up it’s no doubt that EA Games is going to announce it’s projects and as many fans … Continue reading Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront III

Been waiting for Star Wars Battlefront III? EA may be up for the challenge. As we know, when the game was in development it was said to be 99% complete. CFO Blake Jorgensen hinted “The opportunity to do a new Battlefront, for example, which is one of the very popular Star Wars games, or some of the other traditional games that were made, is very exciting.” He further goes on to explain about the future of the Star Wars gaming, which is said not to be based off any of the future movies but to be their own thing, similar … Continue reading Star Wars Battlefront III