Billy Dee Williams to Join Star Wars Rebels?

Star Wars Rebels is to take place 5 years before Star Wars: A New Hope and many rumors and speculation have been surfacing over the internet about who we’re going to see join the start of the Rebellion. One that has popped up over the weekend is that Billy Dee Williams is going to be part of the show. We were expecting to see some familiar faces, possibly Leia or even Bail Organa and Mon Mothma mixed somewhere along the show. This tweet came out over the weekend, Billy Dee Williams let slip that he’s doing voice work for #StarWarsRebels … Continue reading Billy Dee Williams to Join Star Wars Rebels?

Star Wars Fans Can Audtion For a Role in Episode VII Online!

This past Saturday fans flooded the streets of Bristol, Uk for a chance to score a role in JJ Abrams “Star Wars: Episode VII”. Because of the high volume of people who showed up, many fans were turned down. Recently the Producer of the films announced that fans who missed out on the recent audition could apply online by sending in a video audtion to Cast It Talent. The Producers are searching for a “street smart” girl in her late teens and a “smart, capable” man in his early 20s. According to BBC online, “Barbara Gamlen, a publicist for Lucasfilm, … Continue reading Star Wars Fans Can Audtion For a Role in Episode VII Online!

A New Hope Blooper Reel

Recently there was a new set of behind the scenes of Return of the Jedi revealed from an old Laser Disc. Today, more unseen footage is popping up including a blooper reel from Episode IV. The video is below so check it out, it’s pretty awesome. Also, don’t adjust your sound settings, some of the clips don’t have sound but it’s still fun to watch! Keep checking back for more info and be sure to find us on our social media to get latest updates and art from Star Wars fans! Facebook Twitter Instagram: Search The Hoth Spot Continue reading A New Hope Blooper Reel

Lucasfilm Building Towards An Announcement?

Last week we posted about the suspicious activity that has been on the official Star Wars Youtube. For the last couple of weeks they have been posting the trailers of the original trilogy and many are suspecting they are leading towards a possible Episode VII teaser or some type of news on October 30th. What’s significant about Oct 30th? It’s the one year anniversary of when Disney purchased Lucasfilm. As predicted, today they posted the Revenge of the Jedi trailer, which is the original Return of the Jedi trailer which shows Luke still sporting a blue lightsaber on Tatooine. Tell … Continue reading Lucasfilm Building Towards An Announcement?

Lucasfilm Preparing For An Announcement?

So when are we going to get some real news about the movies? Right now, Disney has been spending a lot of their efforts on the Star Wars Rebels animated series, which we are all excited about, except a few of those Anti-Disney fans. Well, last Wednesday Disney put up the original trailer for Star Wars: A New Hope. Today, well, they’ve put out the next trailer. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. So what does this mean? Are they toying with fans? Well, it could be mean nothing but what if it’s a countdown til they announce some real … Continue reading Lucasfilm Preparing For An Announcement?