Lucasfilm Preparing For An Announcement?

So when are we going to get some real news about the movies? Right now, Disney has been spending a lot of their efforts on the Star Wars Rebels animated series, which we are all excited about, except a few of those Anti-Disney fans. Well, last Wednesday Disney put up the original trailer for Star Wars: A New Hope. Today, well, they’ve put out the next trailer. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. So what does this mean? Are they toying with fans? Well, it could be mean nothing but what if it’s a countdown til they announce some real … Continue reading Lucasfilm Preparing For An Announcement?

Could Lucasfilm Be Toying With Fans?

Earlier today we reported about the tweets that suggests we’ll be getting some new updates on the sequels. Knowing JJ, he’s not going to let anything go out but what about Kathleen Kennedy? Well, they know the fans are anxious for some type of news, even a small confirmation about the original cast would be nice, even though we are 99.9% positive that they’re coming back. Who else would usher in the new generation of heroes other than the original heroes themselves? Well, other than the tweets, the official Lucasfilm YouTube channel has updated their page with the original trailer that … Continue reading Could Lucasfilm Be Toying With Fans?