First Look At Star Wars: Rebels Action Figures

With Star Wars Rebels a year away from hitting Disney XD they’re making the jump on getting the next series in collectible action figures. We’ve seen concept art released for the show and now they’re getting ready for the next generation of Star Wars. Here’s the first look at the Imperial Inquisitor, the villain of the Star Wars: Rebels animated series. Keep checking back as we get more updates! Be sure to find us on our social media to get latest updates and art from Star Wars fans! Facebook Twitter Instagram: Search The Hoth Spot Continue reading First Look At Star Wars: Rebels Action Figures

New Star Wars Rebels Behind the Scenes Video!

When Star Wars Rebels was announced there was a lot of speculation and even disapproval about another animated series coming to life but as time has progressed, curiosity has moved into anticipation as more is revealed for the show and looks to be a step in the right direction for the series. This video is of Executive Producer Simon Kinberg. The cool thing about this video is if you pay attention to the studio art you can see some different concepts that may play a role in the show. They’re using this show to draw more fans back into Star … Continue reading New Star Wars Rebels Behind the Scenes Video!

EA Working On An Open World Star Wars Game?

Star Wars 1313 was meant to be an open world system set around the slums of the ever famous Coruscant. The rumored character they were going to focus on was going to be Boba Fett, but with the game set on the back burner and Battlefront heading to the front of the list, will that be the only game we’ll be seeing from EA? With their 10 year contract, they’re bound to develop more games that will draw the fans in. KotakuĀ spotted a job opening for a new Star Wars project. An animation director job posting from last month reveals … Continue reading EA Working On An Open World Star Wars Game?

R2-D2 Confirmed For Episode VII

Just a few days ago we posted a twitter pic of JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy at their workshop with R2-D2. We thought that it was odd to see the droid with them and just assumed that he would make an appearance in the new movie. I mean, he’s been in all 6 of the movies so it would be strange to not see him carry on with the new group of heroes. But today on, it has been confirmed that he will be joining the cast, the first of the original cast to be confirmed for the next … Continue reading R2-D2 Confirmed For Episode VII