Lucasfilm Denies There Will Be A Big Announcement

The internet has been flooding with the possibility that there may be news coming up on the anniversary day of when Disney bought Star Wars. We’ve been hoping that something about Episode VII, a title, plot summary, original cast returning, or even an idea of who’s going to be part of the new cast would be revealed soon. With the build up of trailers on the official YouTube channel, they’ve been suspicious by uploading the original trailers every Wednesday leading to the anniversary date. Slashfilm tweeted Lucasfilm asking them about fans suspicions and this is the answer that was given. … Continue reading Lucasfilm Denies There Will Be A Big Announcement

Lucasfilm Building Towards An Announcement?

Last week we posted about the suspicious activity that has been on the official Star Wars Youtube. For the last couple of weeks they have been posting the trailers of the original trilogy and many are suspecting they are leading towards a possible Episode VII teaser or some type of news on October 30th. What’s significant about Oct 30th? It’s the one year anniversary of when Disney purchased Lucasfilm. As predicted, today they posted the Revenge of the Jedi trailer, which is the original Return of the Jedi trailer which shows Luke still sporting a blue lightsaber on Tatooine. Tell … Continue reading Lucasfilm Building Towards An Announcement?

Could Lucasfilm Be Toying With Fans?

Earlier today we reported about the tweets that suggests we’ll be getting some new updates on the sequels. Knowing JJ, he’s not going to let anything go out but what about Kathleen Kennedy? Well, they know the fans are anxious for some type of news, even a small confirmation about the original cast would be nice, even though we are 99.9% positive that they’re coming back. Who else would usher in the new generation of heroes other than the original heroes themselves? Well, other than the tweets, the official Lucasfilm YouTube channel has updated their page with the original trailer that … Continue reading Could Lucasfilm Be Toying With Fans?

Bad Robot’s Mystery Clip Titled “The Stranger”

This last Saturday a mystery was set in motion from Bad Robot as they opened up a YouTube channel. This clip was then revealed to fans and caused them to stir. Is this a new project? Or does it have something to do with one of the three films that Abrams is currently working on? The teaser opens up with a shot of space and then quickly pans down to a man stumbling along the shore with the words. “He arrived knowing nothing of himself. Who is he? Soon he will know.” Speculation is running through the web but no … Continue reading Bad Robot’s Mystery Clip Titled “The Stranger”