Mark Hamill Almost Killed During Filming of The Force Awakens

We are just days away from the kick off of filming for Star Wars: Episode VIII, and it has just come out that Mark Hamill was almost killed during filming of Episode VII! Apparently Hamill was climbing up the steps to a monastery (61 steps) when he slipped. Fortunately the force was with a young tour guide who caught Hamill.  This actually happened only two weeks after Harrison Ford’s accident on the Falcon set!

According to a witness, had the tour guide not successfully stopped Hamill’s fall, he would have been a “goner”. Over the past year, two American tourists have been killed falling from this very spot. The location known as Skellig Michael, is located off the coast of County Kerry Ireland. This area is believed to play an important role in the sequel trilogy, possibly the resistance base and/ or where we see Rey and BB-8 on the Instagram trailer.

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Source: dailymail

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