THS EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Adam Driver


This week we sat down with the one and only Adam Driver, the man behind the mask of Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We really wanted to get inside the head of Kylo to get a better idea of who Kylo Ren truly is. Our PR lead Nico Atler received some rather intriguing insight.

Q: Now that it’s been 3 decades since the fall of the Emperor, how has the Empire found a way to permeate as the new organization known as the the First Order?

A: Well I think one of the most important things we knew going into production was that any and all remnants of the Empire would now be much older hence the need for a new generation to take the helm. We know that the First Order recruits its ‘minions’ at a very young age, in fact it happens at such a young age that most members of the order hardly even remember having parents. That paired with the strict discipline originally instilled in the formalities of the Imperial castes makes for a really well-oiled war machine.

Q: In the film, Kylo Ren really places emphasis on the acquisition of the Droid, so much so that it even makes you feel like maybe there’s more to it than just a map, why was this emphasized so heavily?

A: Well, with his short time with Poe, he realized how important the droid was while reading his mind. Kylo wanted to impress Poe and show him how much he cared. He really hoped that getting BB-8 back would be the best way to win Poe’s heart.

Q: Where do you see their possible relationship going in this new trilogy?

A: (Jokingly) What trilogy? I didn’t know I was supposed to be in another movie! I’ll have to call Rian and see what’s going on!

We’d like to thank Adam for coming in on such short notice, we know it’s not easy being solo!

Be sure to check back daily for your fill of Star Wars goodness!

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