Han Solo Fan Film Surfaces

For those of you that are waiting patiently til Thursday for Rogue One, here’s something that can satiate that yearning for Star Wars with this new fan film centered around Han Solo. Don’t be fooled, that is not Harrison Ford, but the famous lookalike Jamie Costa delivering the role that we are anxious to see in the Han Solo spin off film. We still think Disney missed their chance for the perfect young Han Solo.

The story starts off with a fan favorite from Star Wars Legends, Dash Rendar, and centers around Han Solo’s rescue of his sidekick. The film is short, but it delivers an interesting story of Han stealing a lightsaber to deliver to Chewie’s captor in order to secure his release, but things don’t go exactly as he had planned, which is part of Han’s charm as he works his way out of trouble.

The short film is down below so be sure to give it a view and subscribe. We would love to see more adventures of Jamie Costa portraying Han Solo.

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