Lucasfilm Preparing For An Announcement?


So when are we going to get some real news about the movies? Right now, Disney has been spending a lot of their efforts on the Star Wars Rebels animated series, which we are all excited about, except a few of those Anti-Disney fans. Well, last Wednesday Disney put up the original trailer for Star Wars: A New Hope. Today, well, they’ve put out the next trailer. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

So what does this mean? Are they toying with fans? Well, it could be mean nothing but what if it’s a countdown til they announce some real news? The next trailer to be uploaded on their channel would be Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The week after that would be October 30th. Like I said, could mean nothing but on October 30th it will be the one year anniversary of when Disney took over Lucasfilm. Would be a good a day as any to release any news about the sequels. With that rumors are circling around the internet that we’ll get an official cast list and title soon. So could this be their way of ushering in the news? Let us know your thoughts!

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